Medical certificate Driving licence Alcohol/Alcohol locks and Drugs

What should I bring?

    • Authentication ( ID )
    • Glasses (if you use it)
    • List of medicines, if you take any regularly

Please note that there may be costs if additional examinations such as X-rays, sampling or the like are required. Email us if you have any questions or want a cost estimate

For price see table below

article price
Enrollment for sampling 2000 SEK
Price per alcohol sampling 1000 SEK
Price per drug sampling 1500 SEK
Final call 2000 SEK
Alcohol lock enrollment 2900* SEK

*Includes appointments, blood tests and urine samples

Driving licence reception Alcohol, Drugs & Steering wheel lock.
The rules and conditions around driving licence permits and steering wheel locks can be difficult to understand: email us or call and we will help explain.


What kind of medical certificate is that?
Medical certificate for alcohol or drugs addressed to the Swedish Transport Agency.
The Swedish Transport Agency may require you to prove that you are sober and drug-free with a medical certificate. This is based on you seeing one of our specialist doctors and providing special blood and urine samples where traces of alcohol and drugs can be detected. How many samples you need to take is stated in the paper you have received from the Swedish Transport Agency.


How do you do that?
First, you are welcome to one of our receptions to start your trial. Take all the papers you've been sent home and we'll go over them together and plan.
Observation time: in the coming months you may submit a number of samples at short notice, with us or at one of our labs.
Then we book a final meeting with a particularly qualified doctor, you go through the test results and some questions. We will complete your certificate and send it to the Swedish Transport Agency.


Driving licence with alcohol lock
Instead of losing your driving licence, you can apply for a driving licence with alcohol lock conditions. The term of the condition is one or two years. This is possible if your driving licence is revoked due to drunk driving or aggravated drunk driving. As with sobriety certificates, regular medical checks are included with sampling. You get to install an approved alcohol lock, we can help you find the right one, and to start and drive the car you get to blow in the alcohol meter.
If the conditional requirements are not met, you may no longer participate and the conditional driving licence will be revoked.


When the term of the condition is over, you may apply for a driving licence to obtain a new driving licence without alcohol lock conditions. Remember to start sampling and doctor's appointments well in advance of the application.


Medical certificate for alcohol or drugs addressed to the Swedish Transport Agency.
All our samples are analysed by approved accredited laboratories and submitted under supervision. We cooperate with several laboratories across the country. Our doctors are specialists and used to issue certificates to the Swedish Transport Agency.