Medical certificate in Södertälje

Address: Apprentice Road 1, 151 65 Södertälje

Phone number: +46 8 512 588 00

Our doctor's office in Södertälje is located on Lärlingsvägen 1.

We work at high speed with the best possible service and are always available for advice by phone and email.
We also carry out health certificates, insurance certificates and certificates for those who are going abroad or adopting.
The visit with us always includes a health examination.


We'll examine your vision, possibly hearing. Listens to the heart, lungs and measures blood pressure if necessary. Sometimes we need samples that we can't take in place. This applies mainly to relevant blood tests, X-rays or urine samples. We cooperate with several laboratories that make such samples. Usually you get to go there on the same day as your visit with us.


If you wish, you can measure your blood values as well as ECG (Certificate plus/certificate complete) even though your medical certificate does not require it.
We collaborate with several small and large companies such as various shipping companies, construction companies and consultants as well as sports clubs to make the workplace as safe and healthy as possible.

For us, it is important that you as a patient should be aware of your own health so that under the conditions you have you can live and work in the best possible way. Welcome to us!


Examples of services we offer:
– Medical certificate Truck/Bus
– Medical certificate Taxi

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