Medical certificate in Helsingborg

Address: Prästgatan 16. Helsingborg

Public transport: Three minutes from Junction

Phone number: 040-222 272

Our doctor's office in Helsingborg is as central as it can be, just a three-minute walk from Knutpunkten. The clinic is located on the street level with large windows facing the street.



We receive clients from all over Skåne, such as Ängelholm, Malmö, Hässleholm, Höganäs, Landskrona, Kristianstad, Lund, Ystad, Trelleborg, Båstad.


Do you need a medical certificate in Malmö? Helsingborg is only a short train ride away and our reception is only a few minutes from the train station.


The same applies to all medical certificates throughout Skåne. Helsingborg is easily accessible from most resorts. There are direct trains to Hässleholm, Landskrona, Malmö, Lund, Ängelholm.


We help Skåne's many hauliers and shipping companies with medical certificates. Southern Skåne, from Malmö to Helsingborg, has become Sweden's logistics hub and many of these companies need medical certificates. Hauliers need medical certificates for higher qualifications, shipping companies need medical certificates for seafarers according to STCW Manila.


It is often the case that the health centres unfortunately simply do not have time to issue certificates, we therefore cooperate with several of Skåne's health centres and help them with their medical certificate. Health centres in Malmö, Hässleholm, Ängelholm, Lund and Landskrona.
We also have clients from Denmark, it is easy to get to us for medical certificates both from Copenhagen and Helsingør. From Copenhagen you take the train via Malmö, Lund and Landskrona. From Helsingør you take the boat over to Helsingborg. Regardless of the means of transport, you end up at Helsingborg Central Station Knutpunkten and our reception is only a few minutes' walk away.


If you live in Northwest Skåne and need a medical certificate, we are also in a good place. There are good transport links even further north past Båstad towards Halmstad. The entire Kulla Peninsula and the Bjäre Peninsula are just a few steps away.


Do you live in Skåne and need a health certificate to work or study abroad? Then we can help you.


By car you can get to our reception on the hour from Hässleholm and Malmö. Kristianstad is a little further away, but when it is difficult to get time at the health centre, that trip is worth it. The same applies to the whole of Österlen.


Southern Skåne with Hallands Väderö and Kullen is also popular for diving and we are happy to help all the divers in the area.


Flying sports including skydiving are also popular in Skåne, for this you also need a medical certificate.


Examples of services we offer:
– Medical certificate Health certificate Travel
– Medical certificate Truck/Bus
- Medical certificate Shipping
– Medical certificate Taxi
– Medical certificate Diving
- Medical Certificate Competition
- Medical certificate Parachute
– Medical certificate Studies/work abroad
- Medical Certificate Adoption
– Medical certificate Railway
- Medical certificate Insurance
- Medical certificate Night work
– Serviceability certificate Hardened plastics / Asbestos
– Health examination

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