Occupational health

We help small and large organisations to develop and implement good health management.


If you are looking for a doctor-driven and scientific partner, Mi-health is right for you.


The purpose of our business is to provide an evidence-based basis for conducting health surveys and providing employees and management with a receipt of good health and preventing ill health.

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Individual-oriented health examination focuses on the individual employee. This means a doctor's visit, tests and sampling. It gives us the best conditions to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent disease.


Organizational health: by applying a broad perspective, we weigh individual, organizational and work environment factors. In this way, both the management team can get the right information and support to reduce sick leave and catch any ill health in the organization. It provides guidance for the implementation of mappings, subsequent interventions and evaluations at individual group and organizational level.


All this leads to a healthier workplace.
On request, we also carry out serviceability certificates, design drug and alcohol policies.