Medical Certificate Driving License - Alcohol, Drugs & Breathalyzer

General price list

article Price per certificate/test
Medical certificate Breathalyzer incl. samples 2900 sec
Sampling observation period: 
Alcohol sampling 1000 sec
Drug sampling 1500 sec
Medical certificate Transport Agency 2000 sec

Driving License Clinic - Alcohol, Drugs & Breathalyzer

Have you received an order from the Swedish Transport Agency?
Whether it is an alcolock or an alcohol and/or drug test, we can help you. R
he rules and conditions surrounding driving licenses and alcolocks can be difficult to understand. Book a phone call with us and we will help and explain.


What is a medical certificate?
Medical certificate concerning alcohol or drugs addressed to the Swedish Transport Agency.
The Swedish Transport Agency may require you to prove that you are sober and drug-free with a medical certificate. This is based on you providing samples during an observation period. Which samples and how many are stated in the order from the Swedish Transport Agency. Usually, you have to provide at least 4 samples at random and at short notice over a period of 6 months.


How does it work?
Start by booking a phone call with us. During the call, we will go through the Swedish Transport Agency's decision, how samples and medical certificates are taken and the costs associated with this. Once we have gone through everything, you decide whether you want to start an observation period.

General about sampling and certificates: during the observation period, we will call you for sampling at short notice. You provide samples at one of our clinics around Sweden or at a nearby lab.
After all samples have been taken, you will have a final interview with one of our specialist doctors. We complete your certificate and send it directly to the Swedish Transport Agency.

Driving licence with alcolock

Instead of losing your driving license, you can apply for a driving license with an alcolock condition. The duration of the condition is one or two years. This is possible if your license has been revoked due to drunk driving or aggravated drunk driving. As with a sobriety certificate, regular medical check-ups with tests and medical certificates are included. 


Remember to start taking tests and visiting doctors well in advance of the application and deadline.



All samples are analyzed by approved accredited laboratories and left under supervision. We cooperate with several laboratories across the country. Our doctors are specialists and used to issuing certificates to the Swedish Transport Agency.