Medical Certificate Insurance

What is Medical Certificate Insurance for certificate?

If you take out or are moving a life insurance, capital insurance, pension insurance or similar, your bank or insurance company often requires you to undergo a medical examination. In the documentation you have received from your bank or insurance signatory there are often two parts, one part that you should fill in and one part that is filled in by the investigating doctor. In addition to a medical examination, blood and urine samples and ECG are often included. The requirements differ from person to person but are stated in the papers to be filled in.

When everything is ready, Medical Certificates will send you the papers.

What should I bring?

List of medicines, if you take any regularly
All the papers you have received from a bank or insurance company including cover pages, be sure to fill in your parts before the visit.

Medical certificate to take out, change or move insurance
Risk insurance without savings is called Life Insurance. The conditions for pure life insurance are relatively similar between the insurance operators. What varies is the premium, which depends on the chosen amount and age. You choose an insurance amount that suits your needs. In the case of capital insurance, tax rules apply other than ordinary savings. Instead of paying tax on profits when you sell a fund, for example, you pay tax annually. The amount is calculated on the value of your savings and the payments you made during the year. The term of the capital insurance period varies from one month up to 15 years. If you want to withdraw money earlier, you often have to pay a fee, a so-called buy-back fee. When the savings period is over, you can choose to receive the payout as a lump sum or as ongoing payments for a longer period of time. Conditions are common, which means that you cannot get the full amount out early.

The cost of these certificates varies depending on what the person issuing the insurance requires but is between 2500 SEK up to 10.000 SEK. A typical cost is 3500 SEK.