Medical certificate Diving

What is The Certificate of Medical Certificate Diving?

The large diving training companies PADI, NAUI, SSI, GUE and others all place basic medical requirements on their practitioners. When you start a diving course, you must first of all fill out a health declaration. The design of this health declaration differs very little between the different organizers. It is a long list of various diseases and medical conditions that can be difficult to reconcile with safe diving. If you answer no to all these questions, most diving organizations do not require a medical consultation, but should you answer yes to one or more, you need to be assessed by a doctor with diving medical qualifications and you are welcome to book an appointment with us.
If you are already an active diver and you are also welcome to contact us for medical advice.
We have EDTC certified dive doctors and can also assess professional divers.


NOTE If you are looking for a professional diver, please email or call us to make an appointment as the survey is much more extensive.


What are the medical requirements for diving?

Certain medical conditions mean that we advise against all types of diving, such as seizure disorders. Other illnesses or conditions may be compatible with diving under certain circumstances, such as being under proper treatment and the diver having knowledge of how to manage his or her illness while diving. Examples of such conditions include diabetes and mild asthma. These medical assessments are made on a person-by-person basis and often include opinions from the client's treating physician. They also place great demands on the certifying doctor, who must have knowledge and experience of the medical requirements of different types of diving.
Our certifying doctors have extensive diving experience and a genuine interest in the physiology of diving and the medical requirements of divers in different situations in different types of diving. We keep ourselves continuously updated on the latest findings and collaborate with Stockholm and Sweden's leading dive centres on diving and medical training. We also have a continuous exchange with the diving medical expertise.
If you have any medical questions or concerns about diving, perhaps you have a medical condition and are wondering whether it is possible to dive and if so what you need to consider, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be happy to help you dive in a medically safe way.