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What is a Medical Certificate Driving licence for a certificate?

Are you going to start driving a truck or bus or do you need to extend your higher qualification? Then you are very welcome to contact us at Medical Certificates for your digital medical certificate. As a driver, you have a greater responsibility for your fellow road users and any passengers.
All our doctors are trained in traffic medicine. This certificate includes an eye test, a review of your medical history and questions about any alcohol or drug abuse.

Medical certificate driving licence higher qualification

We are centrally located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsingborg, Linköping, Karlstad, Södertälje and Halmstad. A basic health examination is always included. At regular intervals, you will have to renew your driving licence, and at each such occasion a new medical certificate is required. Often you will have received a medical certificate from the Swedish Transport Agency, which you do not need to bring with you as we fill in all the information digitally.


What are the medical requirements for the different driving licence ratings?


The Swedish Transport Agency divides the different driving licence ratings into three groups.


Group I: Includes driving licences AM, A1, A2, A, B and BE and tractor rating


Group II: Includes C1, C1E, C and CE


Group III: Includes D1, D1E, D and DE as well as TAXI


The requirements for the medical examination to obtain a driving licence vary between the different groups and are determined by the Swedish Transport Agency. The requirements are stricter in Groups II and III compared to Group I.


Vision: for Group I, you must achieve a visual acuity of at least 0.5 when looking with both eyes together. It is acceptable to have vision in only one eye as long as you have at least 0.5 vision. You may have some minor restrictions in the field of vision and also some degree of double vision, as long as the double vision occurs only when looking sideways. You may also have some impairment of vision in the dark.


For groups II and III you have to be able to see with both eyes and you need to be able to see at least 0.1 with the worst eye and 0.8 with the best. These permissions also place higher demands on the field of vision and one must not have any type of double vision.


For the medical certificate, glasses or lenses may be used to achieve sufficient visual acuity, but for groups II and III the breaking strength of the visual aid must not exceed plus 8 dioptries (this is shown in the prescription given by your optician). If you need visual aids to achieve sufficient vision, you must also always use vision aids when driving a vehicle.


Hearing: The competences in Groups I and II do not apply to hearing requirements, so you may have no hearing and still be eligible for such a driving licence. For Group III, you must have sufficient hearing to communicate with passengers, if you need a hearing aid to achieve sufficient hearing, you must use it when driving the vehicle.


Other diseases: Certain diseases and conditions may constitute an obstacle or require more frequent checks for approved medical certificates, in particular for those wishing to hold one of the higher competences. This applies mainly to diabetes (vg see separate section on diabetes), cardiovascular disease, cramp disease and residual conditions after illness. If you have diabetes and want to get a driver's license, it is not a definite obstacle, however, it is necessary that illness is under good control in order for us to be able to issue a medical certificate for diabetes. In these cases, we need to have a dialogue with your treating physician. We are warmly welcome to contact you for questions about this.


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