Medical certificate Mast work

What should I bring?

    • Authentication ( ID )
    • Glasses (if you use it)
    • List of medicines, if you take any regularly

Please note that there may be costs if additional examinations such as X-rays, sampling or the like are required. Email us if you have any questions or want a cost estimate

What kind of certificate is that?


According to the National Board of Occupational Safety and Health, those working at high altitudes and poles must undergo a medical examination for high-altitude work according to AFS 2019:03 at least once a year.
It is a general examination with a particular focus on neurological conditions. A so-called work test is also required at the first time of certification and every five years for those under 40 and every other year for those between 40 and 50.


The medical check must be carried out before the start of employment and at intervals of no more than one year thereafter.


The certificate is for persons who are and will be engaged in mast and pole work.
The health examination is carried out by nurses and doctors with specialist skills.


Time: Health screening/medical examination: 1 hour


Spirometry (lung function test)
Weight, height, waist measurement
Blood pressure (orthostatic test)
Blood count, blood sugar, blood lipids
Eye examination
Hearing test
Medical examination
Certificate of fitness for duty
*Work tests (work ECG) are carried out age-related according to the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations:


< 40 år vart 5:e år 40-49 vartannat år och årligen på personer > 50 år.

*Costs for work test/work ECG will be added.