Medical certificate Work/study/visa abroad

What should I bring?

    • Authentication ( ID )
    • Glasses (if you use it)
    • List of medicines, if you take any regularly
    • Dates of your previous vaccinations (you can find this on vaccination cards, school healthcare or the county council archive)

What kind of certificate is that?

If you are not only going to visit another country, a medical certificate/health certificate is often required. Normally, you are allowed to do a medical examination and answer questions about previous illnesses and medications. In addition, some countries or employers require tests and a calm X-ray.
Many countries especially want to ensure that you have good vaccination protection. Most often, the Swedish childhood vaccination program is enough, but sometimes the addition of, for example, Hepatitis A and B and Tuberculosis is required. We work a lot with vaccinations and are happy to consult with you who you need, even in addition to those required for the health certificate.
Exactly what should be investigated varies on a case-by-case basis and very often there is a special form to be filled out, signed and stamped.
Countries that often require a medical certificate are the United States, Thailand, Poland.
We make sure to have regular contact with each country's embassy, to sort out any question marks before you leave. Once you are in place, we are also always available for any additional information.

The cost of the certificate varies between SEK 1500-6000. Please email us if you want to know the exact cost and time of the certificate.